One of the longest-lasting appliances in the house is your washing machine. It can also make the most difference in your energy bills as well. Carefully choose your new washer, taking into account how often you wash, what types of laundry you do and the space you have for the unit.

Front Load Vs. Top Load 

For buying a clothes washer, keep in mind each type has specific features:

Front Load:

  • Can be stacked with a dryer on top to conserve space.
  • Spins clothes faster than a top-load, extracting more water and leading to a savings in energy and money because you will dry a load in a shorter amount of time.
  • Uses a wash process that is more gentle on clothing.
  • Requires a special type of detergent made for front-load machines.
  • Costs more than a top-load. Prices do vary but expect to pay 30 to 40 percent more for a front load machine.
  • Uses less water which lowers utility bills. This savings can offset the initial additional cost of the machine.

Top Load:

  • Costs less initially, but is less energy-efficient.
  • Offers easier access to the wash tub.
  • Uses regular detergent.
  • Cannot be stacked to save space.