Purchase Options

Cash Discount

You’ve saved up for months to purchase that brand new refrigerator you’ve needed for a long time. We reward customers like you with our standard 25% discount for all cash purchases made in-store. So come into our showroom with cash in hand to take advantage of these substantial savings.

Flexible Financing

Maybe you don’t have all the cash you need to make your make your purchase in full, but you do have the need. Our Flexible Financing may be the option for you. Government Employees can finance with no down payment through salary deductions. If you are interested in financing please come to our store to find out if you qualify.

Bridal & Gift Registry

There is no better way to receive the appliances and electronics you will need after the wedding than setting up your registry with Master Technicians. You select all the appliances and electronics you would love to have as wedding presents and we provide gift cards to go out with all your invitations. Your guests will come into the store and contribute cash towards all the items you are dreaming of. After your beautiful wedding day you’ll come to the store and purchase the items on your list with the money your guests contributed.

Our registry is not limited to just weddings. If you are hosting any special occasion and would like to receive appliances and electronics as gifts, come in to set up your gift registry with us. The gift registry works the same as the bridal registry we just described.

Gift Certificates

If you need to stop in to pick up a quick gift nothing is better than a Master Technicians Gift Certificate. Our gift certificates are ready in minutes and your recipient redeem it for any product at Master Technicians or Best Buy Furniture, giving them lots of selection to choose from.