I have a problem with my appliance.
Whenever you encounter a problem with your appliance, consult your manual first. You will often find information in it that can assist in resolving the problem.
Why does my washer/dishwasher smell like mildew?
Many times a build-up of soap residue is the culprit here. Most manufacturers recommend using far less soap in modern washers and dishwashers due to their increased efficiency and low water usage. Check your Use & Care Guide for recommended amounts. If you already have soap residue built up in your appliance, you can run a cycle with a half-cup of white vinegar (but no clothes/dishes) to break down the residue. Several cycles may be necessary depending on the amount of residue.
My dryer is heating, but it takes too long to dry the clothes.
In most cases, this problem is due to an air-flow restriction, usually in the venting that connects your dryer to the wall duct, or in the wall duct itself. Regular cleaning is recommended. If your venting and ducting is clean, you may have an issue with the washing machine not spinning enough water out of the clothes during the wash cycle.
How do I remove gum or crayon from the dryer drum?
Start by placing dry rags in the dryer drum and run the dryer for a few minutes to soften the crayon or gum. Apply one of the following cleaners to a soft cloth and rub off the gum or crayon: Goo Gone™ (found at most major discount stores or grocery stores), Mild, nonabrasive cleanser without bleach, or a Detergent paste (powder detergent mixed with water). Then run a cycle with damp rags before putting articles of clothing into the dryer.
My new refrigerator isn't very cold.
Refrigerators can take up to 24 hours to get down to the proper temperature. If you have little or no food in it, it will not feel very cold. We recommend placing a cup of water in the freezer, when the water freezes the freezer and refrigerator is at optimum temperature. The ideal load for cooling is about two-thirds full.
My refrigerator is brand new, and the lights come on but the motor doesn't run and it won't cool.
Many refrigerators, especially higher end models, come equipped with a demo mode for use on showroom floors. Some models even have a power switch. Consult your manual for instruction on how to switch your model to “regular mode.”
My refrigerator has an odor I can’t get rid of.
To remove odors begin by disconnecting power to your refrigerator and removing all food items. Create a mixture of 4 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 1 quart of warm water and wash all shelves, drawers, accessories and gaskets. Dry thoroughly before returning the food to the appliance while washing all the bottles, jars and containers before placing them into the unit. Plug the refrigerator in and wait 24 hours before checking to see if the odor is gone.
What is the best temperature setting for my new refrigerator and freezer?
The best temperatures for food storage are 38°F to 40°F in the refrigerator section and 0°F to 2°F in the freezer section. The factory settings for the refrigerator and freezer controls can be found in your user’s manual.
Why is my food getting “freezer burn” in the freezer?
Freezer burn is usually caused by cold air directly contacting food and/or food drying out in the freezer. Four reasons this may happen are:
1. Air in the storage container. Remove as much air from your container as possible.
2. Inappropriate storage container. Use only freezer-safe containers and moisture/vapor proof freezer wrap. Allow warm foods to cool before sealing.
3. Temperature fluctuations. The freezer should be kept at a constant 0o Fahrenheit. Foods may deteriorate rapidly at temperatures even a few degrees higher or lower. We recommend a freezer control setting of “4”. If the door is opened frequently, you may need to adjust the control.
4. Prolonged storage. Food should be labeled with an expiration date when placed in the freezer.
How often should I clean my refrigerator condenser coil?
To keep your refrigerator at maximum performance you should clean the condenser coil every three months to avoid reduced cooling performance, increased energy using and premature compressor failure.
To clean the condenser coil, follow these steps:
1. Remove toe grille by holding ends and pulling forward.
2. Clean front surface of condenser coil with a vacuum cleaner hose nozzle or a condenser coil brush.
3. Replace toe grille by inserting clips in holes and snapping in. Be sure the toe grille is not upside down, as this could damage the door gasket.
4. To avoid floor damage protect it with cardboard or rugs. Pull refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum the condenser fan outlet grille using a vacuum brush attachment.
My brand new washer is shaking during the spin cycle.
The first thing to check here is whether the shipping brackets have been removed. On most models, they are located in the back of the washer, though some models have plastic straps or even styrofoam blocks that secure the drum during shipping. Consult your manual for instruction on how to remove the brackets. Also, you can check to make sure that your washer is level and stable. Some floors have enough slope in them that the leveling legs cannot adjust far enough to completely level the machine. In these cases, one or more legs may need to be shimmed.
I'm getting an error code on my appliance, but nothing seems to be wrong.
Sometimes this simply requires a reset of the control board. To do this, shut down the power to the unit by either unplugging it or shutting off the appropriate breaker. Leave it off for 15 minutes, and then restore the power. If the error persists, contact our Help Desk at 393-5310 to schedule a technician visit.
I've lost my manual, or my manual was missing from the box.
Almost all manufacturers have manuals available on their websites, which you can download or print. Have your model number handy when looking for a manual.
How do I clean my cooktop?
We recommend using Cooktop Cleaning Creme on your cooktop. When using the creme, do not apply too much. A gray film or cloud may appear if too much cleaner is used. An amount equal to the size of a dime is sufficient for the entire cooktop. Use a clean damp paper towel to distribute the cleaner. Use another clean damp paper towel to wipe off the cleaner. After all of the cleaner is removed, buff the area with a clean, dry paper towel.
How do I clean my room air conditioner?

We suggest having your air conditioner inspected by one of our certified technicians once a year. They will remove the outer case and thoroughly clean the air conditioner.

You can also clean your air conditioner in between your annual inspection. The grille and complete cabinet may be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or detergent. A dirty air filter reduces the operating efficiency of your unit. The filter should be inspected at least once every week during operation. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or washed in warm water and mild detergent. The filter should be thoroughly dried before it is replaced.