Wow! My, how far we’ve come! Back in 1965, we started out in Nassau on Armstrong St. Today, we’re a leader in the Bahamian appliance and electronics market. With great manufacturers behind us and staff who work hard for our customers we are proud of our business. We’ve been around 40 plus years and we still honor our original ideals and we think that has a lot to do with our success.

Who are we? Well, we provide high quality appliances and electronics to the Bahamian market, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have a commitment to satisfying our customers. Oh, and we’re a great corporate citizen too. If you are interested in learning more about us keep surfing around our website. Or, contact us if you would like to know something that you can’t find online.

Our Story

1964: The idea of opening a retail home appliance store was born in 1964 between George Allen, Douglas Erskine and Herbert Treco.

1965: In June 1965 Master Technicians Ltd. (MTL) was opened on Armstrong Street.

1967: MTL relocated to Madeira Street with Manager, Carl Symonette at the helm.

1972: Herbert Treco purchased the shares from George Allen and Douglas Erskine to become the sole owner of Master Technicians Ltd.

1975: Master Technicians Ltd. relocates to Mackey Street and undergoes further growth.

1980: A new business strategy pays off and MTL makes great strides forward.

1982: Gregory Treco, son of Herbert Treco takes on the leadership of MTL in the General Manager position.

1991: Ricardo Treco, son of Herbert Treco receives the post of General Manager from Gregory Treco.

1995: The President, Herbert Treco commences his succession plan by instituting a Management Team. Timothy Treco, son is appointed the Vice President and leader of the team. Other members included Ricardo Treco (GM), Gregory Coleby, Henry Sears and Marjorie Treco (wife)

2003: Derek Francis, grandson of Herbert Treco is given the leadership role of General Manager of MTL from Ricardo Treco.

2005: MTL relocates to Village Road next to its affiliate Best Buy Furniture.

2014: Audrey Flowers becomes the GM and first non-Treco family member since 1982. Despite not being a Treco, she is family!

2015: Timothy Treco becomes the President of MTL, officially completing Herbert Treco’s succession as set forth in 1995.